A trip to discover the rich geologic history of Los Andes of La Araucanía, a tour that will take us from the north base of the Lonquimay volcano to the top of of the Cráter Navidad, a 350m (~1100 feet) tall cone that appeared on the last eruption and formed only in 12 months, from were we will be able to see the Tolhuaca, Cayaqui and Copahue volcanoes, besides the Llaima and Sierra Nevada, experiencing a unique view from inside this crater.


A trip to explore the landscape diversity made by the continuous activity of the Llaima volcano inside the Parque Nacional Conguillío, an invitation to discover the beggining of life after the eruptions of one of the most active volcanoes in South America, a fascinating tour to live the spirit of nature on this world biosphere reserve and the first geopark in Chile.

Hot Springs Tour

This tour begins with drinks and appetizers in the exclusive "La Esfera" restaurant, from where you will be taken to the Río Blanco sector, where a relaxing hot spring bath will be waiting for you in stone-crafted pools in the middle of the forest and night service, where you can rest under the starry night in a secluded mountain spot.


The Lonquimay volcano is located within the Reserva Nacional Malalcahuello-Nalcas, about 40 Km (~25 miles) from the city of Curacautín, and the Llaima volcano is in the Parque Nacional Conguillío.

Take your pick on wich one of this 2 natural marvels you will walk to the top.


Fun and easy descent trough the Cautín river in raft, where besides doing some light phisical excersice, we can marvel at the wonderful flora and fauna of the Araucanía.

Horse Riding

A trip to marvel with the magic of the Araucanía Andina's mountains, and the charm of its national parks.