Our Location

In South America you can find Chile, a country that thanks to its huge longitude and shape, is home to a great variety of climates, wich in turns generates a great biodiversity and a pletora of landscapes, like very few other parts of the world.

La Araucanía

We are located in La Araucanía, a region of Chile famous for its marvelous mountain range of Los Andes, the araucarias and the mapuche culture heritage among other features. Vortice is located only 80 minutes away from Temuco, the regional capital, between the towns of Curacautín and Malalcahuello.

Vortice is located exactly at the Km 69 of the Ruta Internacional Ch - 181.

The area

Vortice is a natural park located right at the heart of Los Andes de la Aaucanía, sorrounded by volcanoes, parks, rivers, hot springs and ski centers that will let you enjoy adventure and the wilderness any time of the year, and our strategic location by the international route makes us an excelent base camp for the start of many adventures and exploration trougout the Araucanía Andina.

Vortice, the place

Inside the park you will be able to enjoy vast green areas next to the Cautín river, trails within the native forest, an open sport field and a variety of outdoor activities, all in a natural and barely intervened enviroment, home to the local flora and fauna.