Canopy & Arborism

Come and try our exciting "Araucanía Platoon" challenge, a 13 adventure trials over the trees, with railing, tibetan bridges, descent in rapel, rock climbing and 4 canopy sections, 2 of wich go over the Cautín river at about 100 feet (30 meters) high, everything with the highest quality and security standards, and the experience to make this a true adventure.


Experience the adrenaline of an exciting paint-battle in the forest, where you and your team will have to plan the best strategy to capture the rival flag and bring it over your base while defending yours.

This takes place in a closed space, where each participant is equipped with an air pistol for shooting paint-ammo and camouflage attire.


Zip trough our racing circuit on this awesome all-terrain Karts!.


Enjoy this fun, relaxing and very challenging sport for people of all ages.

Hot Tub

Gift yourself a moment of relaxation after an intense day of activities and adventures with us. A very intimate space under the starry night to comfort your body with a warm bath within the forest and the soothing sound of the Cautín river in the background.


We offer archery sessions so kids and adults alike can have fun popping ballons while testing their aim and precision with this legendary weapon.


Enjoy traversing the amazing landscapes of the Araucanía Andina, take the mountainbike route to explore the Cañón del Blanco, the Camino del Indio or use the cycle lane from Manzanar to Malalcahuello.

We also organize guided tours to know national parks and other landmarks, including all the logistics, so you can only worry about biking and enjoy an exciting adventure.


We have jade stone massage beds, composed of several rolls made of jade stone, that while spinning and warm, proyect light towards the body during the path they make trough the spine, relaxing it and easing tensions.

Likewise, we offer traditional massage, for relaxation, muscle tension, linfatic among others.

Salto del Indio Waterfall

Soft guided walk that goes trought trails of the native forest and next to the Cautín river, from Vortice to the Salto del Indio waterfall. During the walk, we talk about the local miths and legends, and the mapuche "cosmovision" centered on the conservation of the local biodiversity.